Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Old Fashioned Coffee Pot

Do you remember many years ago these coffee pots. Our Mom's used them for special events. Potluck picnics, church socials, graduations, weddings. I would like to share my Mom's famous recipe. I still make it once in awhile. You will never experience better cup of coffee. I PROMISE. Not even Starbucks.

Egg Coffee

1 gallon water or whatever fills the pot. (You need the old fashioned pot)
1 cup of ground coffee
1 egg

Heat water to boiling
Crack egg into a small bowl and whisk lightly
Add 1 cup coffee grounds and mix, gently. If to dry add a little water.
When water is boiling, SLOWLY add coffee mixture 2 teaspoons at a time.
Bring back to a boil stirring for 2 minutes.
Turn off heat
Add 1/2 cup cold water. (This will help settle the coffee grounds)
Let rest 10-15 minutes.
Strain and enjoy.

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