Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sorry I am not a good photographer, BUT.. Come to the Shady Hollow Flee Market this week-end for your Fathers Day gift. I will have some ready made gifts for you to choose from. Anyway!!!! This quick bread is absolutely amazing. YUM YUM YUM That is all I can tell you.. The bread is called Prairie Lake Brown Bread. You will have to come and taste. If you love it and I get requests, I will publish the recipe. You will not be disappointed. Something you have never tasted before.

We are open 2 days this week-end for Fathers Day. Check me out. I hope you will find a very cute or unique gift for your favorite Dad or Gramps.

New items this week are: Nautical Wine bottle stoppers (Way too cute for you sailers) Nautical matches very long for you to light your fireplace or bomb fire. Cute notebooks and little purses for coin or whatever. They just are too cute. I have a really unique wire thing a ma gig. It houses your favorite pictures and is neat.

Anyway, come on out even to just visit and catch up. Would love to see you. Look for the red umbrellas. See you soon. Cindy PS I am hoping my new CD'S will arrive in time for Fathers Day, If not they will be sure to be here for the 4th of July. Come meet Marilynn and Maybe Fran. You will love them.
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