Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shady Hollow Flee Market

Shady Hollow Flee Market is where you can find The Saucy Chef. I will be there on Sunday's for the summer. I have lots of gift ideas. You can also get my Salsa. Regular Salsa and Salsa with green olives, Handmade Trail Mix with a kick of Wasabi that makes the mix very unique and I promise delicious. Ask for a sample. Homemade Granola, I am telling you, your going to love it and I hope it will bring you back the next Sunday for more. Banana Bread was a hit.

You will find Cross Bottles, Sea Shells, Dash and Albert Throws in fun lake colors.
They are great to take on the Pontoon. They can double as a large beach towel, for they are soft, cotton, washes up great and won't shrink.

Come on over and check it out.
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Anonymous said...

Stopped by your booth at Shady Hollow and can't wait to come back to see what is new!